Nubian Music Page

Welcome to Nubian music page.

  • All songs (except for Hamza Edin) are mp3 encoded. You can use Windows media player, Realmedia player, or Winamp to listen to music.
  • To listen to a musician/singer select his/her name from the list. Then select songs
  • Our thanks to many of you who expressed interest in this page and the indiviuals who provided us with tapes of the songs specially:

    Abdel Nasir (Cairo), Abdel Hadi Wahbi (Sweden), Ahmed Abdel Azeez (Sweden), Khalid Burhan (USA), Abdel Khalik Abelraheem (Canada), Mohamed Mukhtar (Sarkemato), Magdi Abdelwahab (Saudi Arabia), and Dr. Shalabi for his passion and making sure materials get published on the web.

    My gratitude to Osman Kosha for identifying the Fannan 1 as Ibrahim Boroki and Arif Hassan Mohyedin for also providing the name of Abbas Osman for Fannan 2.
  • My special thanks to Ikhlas Ahmed Salih (Maryland) for providng the tape for Yusuf Khairi and for Moez for suggesting Yusuf Khairi.

    Enjoy. Thanks and come again.